ASUnity Residential Learning Community

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RLC Located in Newland Hall

ASUnity is a dynamic residential learning community open to all levels of undergraduate students. ASUnity seeks to provide an inclusive and supportive environment where students of diverse gender identities and sexualities, along with allies, can learn together. This RLC blends academic study and co-curricular activities focused on gender, sexuality, acceptance, and social justice. The community is supported by Residence Life and a team of faculty and staff. The mission of ASUnity is to establish an environment of acceptance, understanding, and inclusion as we explore issues of social justice related to variance in the expression of gender and sexuality. Monthly meetings are designed to provide opportunities for discussion, development of support networks, and connection with peers based on similar academic interests.

Members of ASUnity will have the opportunity to:
  • Live in a supportive environment with individuals of diverse gender and sexual identities and their allies
  • Discuss topics related to acceptance and social justice using concepts and theories
  • Attend presentations, workshops, and events related to gender and sexuality
  • Become involved in student organizations that promote social justice
  • Interact with and be mentored by faculty partners from various academic departments

Members of ASUnity will be expected to:
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings
  • Attend a minimum of three co-curricular activities each semester (in addition to meetings)
  • Be positive, contributing members of the community by participating in and initiating activities, as well as creating an environment of support and acceptance
  • Support the academic success of community members
  • Enroll in the required one hour ASUnity seminar course for fall and spring

Sponsoring Departments

Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology currently serves approximately 154 undergraduate majors in six BS concentrations: Applied Research Methods, Criminology, Deviance and Law, Families and Intimate Relationships, Gerontology, Social Inequalities, and an Individualized concentration. The department also offers a BA and a minor in sociology, as well as online Graduate Certificates in Sociology and Gerontology.

Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work at Appalachian State University is guided by an overarching framework of social and economic justice. Housed within the College of Health Sciences, the Department of Social Work's mission is to promote the well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities and to meet the work force needs for professional social workers, especially at the local and regional level.

Hayes School of Music

The Hayes School of Music prepares young musicians for professional lives as performers, composers, music educators, music therapists, conductors, and music industry professionals, ensuring the next generation of musical leadership for the state, region, and nation. Noted for quality instruction by national and internationally recognized faculty musicians, the school offers seven undergraduate degree programs and three graduate-level degree programs.