Join us for our 17th Annual Diversity Celebration!

Hi everyone,

In a collaboration between The Office of Multicultural Student Development, our Chief Diversity Officer, and The Office of the Chancellor we will be holding our 17th Annual Diversity Celebration from April 5th - April 12th on the App State Campus.

The Diversity Celebration features a wide array of local and international music, eclectic dancing, delectable food, and imaginative crafts.

The Diversity Celebration supports and enhances Appalachian State University's mission of "accepting the responsibility to be actively involved in addressing the educational, economic, cultural, and societal needs of the changing region, state, nation, and world," by providing a venue where diverse perspectives, cultures and values are accepted, appreciated and celebrated.

Appalachian students, faculty, staff, K-12 schools, and members of the local community are all invited to join us in this celebration of cultures through art and entertainment. We ask that you assist us by volunteering this year's celebration. We need your help with volunteering during this year's Diversity Celebration. If interested in volunteering, SIGN UP HERE!!!

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- The Office of Multicultural Student Development

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